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Comments and Endorsements

“Regular commenter Daniel Schwartz has a Barbershop Quartet CD out just in time for the holidays.  It’s called “From the Hearth.” He mailed it to me as a gift, with no thought of asking for a plug.  But it’s terrific, uplifting music!  I defy anyone to be depressed while listening to Barbershop – its harmonies are healing medicine.  There are songs for Christmas, Chanukah, lullabies, hymns, love songs.  Their outstanding quartet made a “clean sweep” of the 2017 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes Festival, taking overall Champions, Audience Favorite, and Best Male Soloist Awards.  The harmonies are tight as an Eagles song.”
—  Susan Vass a/k/a Ammo Grrrll, blogger
“Daniel, I happen to be currently visiting AG this week, and she played some cuts from your CD.  I was blown away.  Your voices are so pure, your harmony so tight, and the songs you chose are some of my favorites.  I have to say I felt some prickling behind my eyes a few times as I listened.  Bravo to the Fireside Quartet!  I will be ordering my own copy once we get home.”
—  Heather Beresford
“From The Hearth  tugs at the heart strings and caresses the ears in a most beautiful way.  My favorite track
is Better Than I — gorgeous, dynamic, romantic, and expertly delivered.  Bravo, Fireside Quartet.”
—  Sean Altman, founder and former lead of Rockapella
“Where is Daddy singing? I want to go there.”
—  Jessica, David’s 3-year-old daughter
“Daddy, pretty.”
—  Grace, David’s 2-year-old daughter
“You should listen to this.  It’s really good.”
—  Eli, Jesse’s 9-year-old grandson, to Jacqui, his 6-year-old cousin
“Grandpa, I really like Lullabye, I Believe, and Mary, Did You Know?
—  Jacqui, Jesse’s 6-year-old granddaughter